Project outline

In 2013, Svenja Kratz was a creative catalyst in the Fringes domain – across Art, Science, Technology and Design – at The Edge at the State Library of QLD.  As part of her 6-month engagement, she worked with The Edge team to establish a basic laboratory space in The Edge Basement and experimented with plant cell and fruit fly culture, microbiology and 3D printing.


Artworks, Experiments and Workshops

Svenja’s engagement at The Edge resulted in the development of new artworks in response to the experiments conducted during the Fringes period. Creative works included sculptures and installation works that examined her genetic heritage, as well as mixed media works commenting on her experiences at The Edge and encounters with the unexpected.

Svenja also developed several workshops with The Edge team that explored creative ways of engaging people into the fascinating world of hybrid arts practice and scientific discovery.  The workshops introduced participants to basic microbiology techniques, 3D printing and genetic engineering that resulted in ‘take-home’ artworks and kits.

For more information about Svenja’s engagement at The Edge and other creative catalysts see The Edge Archive.